Recently Added Sites
Last updated 10/04/2014


  1. Enquire Within upon Everything: the great Victorian-era domestic standby from Project Gutenberg: added to Victorian Links

  2. Teddy Bear Lost and Found: the community page that reunites lost teddy bears and cuddly toys and their sorrowing humans:  added to Silver Links

  3. The Université Shalom de Bunia (DR Congo). Library: added to Libraries of the World and their Catalogues

  4. Campingmole: camping and caravan sites: added to Tourism

  5. Victorian Crime and Punishment: added to Victorian Links

  6. Pubcats: a site starring feline hosts and hostesses in pubs and bars: added to Comedy

  7. Street Life in London, by John Thomson: added to Victorian Links

  8. British Library: The Victorians:  added to Victorian Links

  9. British Library Sound Maps: recordings of music. spoken word, dialects and human and natural environments: added to Libraries of the World

  10. Berwick Review into Patient Safety 2013: added to Medical

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